TripShot’s mission is to simply and efficiently solve transportation’s most pressing mobility problems to redefine mobility for all. We integrate all the facets of the mobility ecosystem into a single, seamless technology solution that is capable of serving, connecting and optimizing all transit networks, public and private. Our core values - tenacity, creativity and trust - along with our great partners and even greater enthusiasm, are what will guide the evolution of TripShot and help us bring mobility to all. TripShot supports public transit agencies to drive their community forward. Whether you serve thousands or millions, TripShot can help you transport even more. Our mobility management platform can seamlessly modernize and integrate with existing tools while offering operators, drivers and riders all the features and efficiencies of an intuitive, innovative transit experience. We know that communities, businesses, and individual people count on your services every day and that any new platform must, without fail, be able to maintain everything the former handled and make all transitions with no breaks in service. TripShot allows operations to streamline and unify all legacy systems to be controlled by a single platform. Controlling fixed route, on-demand, and all other systems centrally affords operators easy monitoring and maximum flexibility for coverage and maintenance. TripShot's True-Time® GPS tracking coupled with built-in GTFS/GTFS-RT functionality and an integrated rider app, offers fleet management professionals and other operators a complete real-time view of everything happening with their fleet and riders.

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