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Expand Mobility Options with TNCs and Rider’s Choice Programs
Innovative solutions to fit evolving needs

Over the last several years, perceptions of TNCs (transportation network companies) have changed dramatically as transit agencies and TNCs have both demonstrated cooperative attitudes toward addressing evolving transportation needs and rider expectations.

Transit agencies have increasingly used the Rider’s Choice model to partner with TNCs and successfully launch innovative mobility programs to complement paratransit, supplement microtransit, connect first-mile/last-mile, extend service areas and hours of operation, and provide rescue rides.

While Rider’s Choice programs have existed for over 20 years, transit agencies today are innovating this model by partnering with non-dedicated service providers (NDSPs) such as TNCs to power on-demand transportation. By providing customers with more mobility options, Rider’s Choice programs allow transit agencies to improve the flexibility, resiliency, and cost-efficiency of their service.

Download this guide to learn more about:

  • Agencies offering Rider’s Choice programs with TNCs
  • How federally funded Rider’s Choice programs that include TNCs comply with FTA regulations
  • Frameworks that agencies have used to successfully launch Rider’s Choice programs with TNCs

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