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What You Don't Know About Mobility-as-a-Service

There's more to MaaS than just an app.

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Launching a MaaS offering is much more than having a consolidated app for travelers to choose their options – it means coordinating with different mobility providers, managing mobility relationships, having the back-office data to showcase choices to riders, coordinating data access, and understanding the bigger-picture policy implications in your region.

In this webinar, we dive into everything you need to know about launching a MaaS offering including:

  • What the future holds for MaaS and the trends Paul Comfort is seeing around the globe
  • The bigger picture implications of launching a MaaS platform
  • Insights into understanding travelers' needs while incentivizing green mobility behaviors
  • A sneak peek into Trapeze's MaaS App

Paul Comfort - Chief Customer Officer, Trapeze Group
Fabien Sauthier - Chief Operating Officer, MOTIONTAG

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