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SEPTA OnDemand: Launching the U.S.' Largest Paratransit Service Running on Next Generation Software
Industry-Leading Innovation in Paratransit Service Delivery

Within an unprecedented 4.5-month timeframe, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority and RideCo successfully launched the U.S.' largest paratransit service running on a cloud-based, on-demand transit platform. The SEPTA OnDemand service is now operating across Philadelphia metropolitan area using an extensive paratransit fleet of 411 vehicles, along with plans to add a 48-vehicle microtransit fleet in the future.

Watch this exclusive video to hear from Cassandra West, Assistant Chief Operating Officer at SEPTA, and other key members from the SEPTA team, about their experience transitioning from legacy paratransit software to RideCo's cloud-based platform, and how the agency is transforming service delivery by operating more efficiently and providing an enhanced rider experience.

SEPTA OnDemand: Launching the U.S. Largest Paratransit Service Running on Next Generation Software

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