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Ready to Add “Demand-Responsive” Service to Fixed Routes?
How ride-sharing meets paratransit to manage on-demand rides
Picture this: A resident of an outlying area that’s underserved by metro transit is trying out the new “on demand” ride option recently rolled out by their local transit agency. Pulling out his phone, he opens up a rider app for the system, and in much the same way as he’d book an Uber, requests a pickup at his current location and a drop-off by the mall.
Web-based (no software to download or update) platforms are the future of transit, allowing fixed-route transit agencies to incorporate “demand-responsive” functionality into their systems, and, in the process, help agencies deliver equitable transit solutions to more riders—while prioritizing those riders and the rider experience.

Now’s the time to learn how to integrate with simple add-ons that marry the best features and functionality of both ridesharing and paratransit platforms. Download this white paper to learn ways to build a new level of flexibility into your transit system while reaching more underserved riders and boosting both your customer-service delivery and rider loyalty.
Ready to Add “Demand-Responsive” Service to Fixed Routes?

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