Complimentary Whitepaper

Rides to Health: Connecting the Dots in Healthcare Transportation

Connecting patients, healthcare, transportation, and funding on one integrated platform.

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Transportation to healthcare is a key social determinant of health, and patients suffer despite, and in fact because of, the multitude of options available. The disparate systems used by healthcare providers, transportation agencies, and funding sources lead to inefficiencies throughout the network, impacting not just patient health, but also transportation budgets and healthcare costs.

This paper summarizes the successes and lessons of prior pilots to propose a new system for healthcare transportation. Rides to Health is an integrated, innovative platform that links patients, their healthcare centers, transportation providers, and funding sources into a one-call one-click center. The innovative solution includes:

  • Rider app to provide real time event notifications and booking capabilities
  • Healthcare portal to manage incoming and outgoing rides, integrated with appointment system
  • Intelligent dispatch to any participating transportation provider Eligibility portal allowing funding sources to set participation criteria and limitations, and riders to easily apply for support
  • Integrated wallet for automatic payment processing, including complicated billing and invoicing for copays and more