Complimentary White Paper

Commingling Effects of Microtransit

Integrated Transit Modes for Urban and Rural Agencies

Gain Access

Break down the barriers between siloed services by integrating transit modes and offering microtransit as the connecting service between all others. There are distinct benefits and methods for implementing integrated microtransit for both urban and rural areas, covered separately in this paper.

To achieve this level of mobility as a service, a complete transit agency software system needs to include:

  • Easy to use rider interactivity tools which allow riders to register demand and access information
  • A dynamic routing suite capable of efficient, shared-ride routing in real-time
  • A comprehensive rider eligibility system which allows separate fare structures and services in shared vehicles
  • A flexible fare calculation and payment system that provides equitable access
  • Vehicle communication software with a fraud proof service usage control through reliable automated rider recognition