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Complimentary White Paper

Bring Riders Back. Restoring Confidence in Transit System Safety with the Halo Disinfection System®

Discover How to Restore Confidence in Transit System Safety

Bring your riders back by instilling confidence in your transit system’s disinfection process. The Halo Disinfection System® offers labor saving, affordable options for whole-vehicle disinfection. The HaloFogger® POD facilitates the rapid, cost effective treatment of fleets of vehicles while protecting workers from exposure to chemicals. With excellent material compatibility, the no-wipe, no rinse formula of HaloMist™ disinfectant will neither leave a sticky residue on vehicle surfaces nor harm electronics.

Download the paper 'Bring Your Riders Back' to learn:

  • How one system can meet your diverse transportation disinfection needs
  • Why the HaloFogger® POD is a revolutionary approach to disinfection for transit systems
  • The dry fogging technologies that are redefining transit vehicle disinfection