Complimentary Case Study
Leamington Increases Ridership by 275%
Engage Communities, Increase Ridership
The Municipality of Leamington in Ontario successfully transformed its traditional public transit system into a modern, on-demand experience by leveraging public input through EngagementHQ by Granicus. By incorporating residents' feedback, the municipality launched LTGO in May 2022, leading to a remarkable 275% increase in ridership in its first year.

Key Points: 
  • Utilization of Granicus engagement solutions enabled the municipality to gather public input and shape the restructuring of its transit system into an on-demand service, resulting in a significant increase in ridership. 
  • LTGO's on-demand model offers increased convenience with expanded service areas, longer operating hours, and shorter routes, leading to shorter ride times and enhanced accessibility. 
  • The municipality's proactive engagement efforts, including surveys and interaction through Let's Talk Leamington, facilitated citizen involvement in the project and contributed to its success. 
  • Additional initiatives, such as free transit rides for Grade 8 students and seniors, demonstrate Leamington's commitment to inclusive and accessible public transportation, further fostering community engagement and support for the transit system. 
  • Recognition with the 2023 Granicus Digital Government Customer Experience Award highlights the municipality's innovative approach and success in rejuvenating its transit system for the benefit of residents. 
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