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The Impact of TS-50701 on Cybersecurity in Rail Networks: A Deep-Dive
Learn what is the broader impact of the new cybersecurity standard for the rail industry
The rapid advancement of automated train systems and interconnectivity in railways has ushered in a new era of smart transportation. Interconnected ROSs (Rail Operational Systems) can now perform fully-automated mission-critical processes while optimizing the performance of both OT systems and IT networks.

However, the great promise of hyper-connectivity comes with intrinsic risk and creates a wider cyber-attack surface. In response to these new challenges, a group of cybersecurity and railway experts assembled to develop a framework that amalgamates all critical rail cybersecurity requirements into a single technical standard - TS-50701.

In this webinar, we will discuss the newly-released TS-50701 standard, and specifically:

  1. TS-50701 requirements and governing principles
  2. The broader impact on the rail industry
  3. How rail companies can tackle TS-50701 with CylusOne
  4. Practical recommendations and actionable insights for railway professionals
Join us to learn more about the new standard and how your organization can create a safer and cyber-secure rail environment.

Speakers: Christian Schlehuber
Convenor TC 9X/WG 26, CENELEC
Christian is one of the leading Cybersecurity experts for Railway Systems in Europe. He worked several years for Deutsche Bahn in the areas of Security Engineering and NIS Directive. Currently he is Convenor of CENELEC TC 9X/WG 26 and is responsible for the development of TS 50701 (Railway Applications – Cybersecurity). Besides he is working with ER-ISAC and ENISA. Christian received a Master’s degree on IT-Security from TU Darmstadt and holds a CISSP and GICSP certificate.

Miki Shifman
CTO and Co-founder, Cylus
Miki is a veteran leader in the development of complex cyber security projects, with over ten years of experience in software engineering, research, and management. Prior to co-founding Cylus, Miki served as a cyber researcher and an R&D leader in the Cyber R&D Division of the Israel Defense Force’s Elite Technological Unit. He led teams awarded the Israel Defense Prize for exceptional technological breakthroughs and received high military honors for extraordinary achievement and exceptional contributions to national security.
The Impact of TS-50701 on Cybersecurity in Rail Networks: A Deep-Dive

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