Complimentary Case Study

Defending a CBTC Signaling system with CylusOne
Reaching cyber resilence in the railroad network
The latest wave of cyber-attacks had raised the cybersecurity issue to one of the top priorities of the Public Transport Operator. The recent attacks on OT systems has convinced cyber-security authorities in many countries that urban transport needs to upscale its protection measures, especially with passenger safety.

This case study carefully details one transportation client's challenges due to their signaling integrator already being well engaged in its detailed design phase and unwilling to change its architecture, for cost and time reasons.

See how partnering with one cybersecurity solution led to the following conclusions:

  • Safety and security can coexist without impacting the CBTC network’s performance or safety-case
  • Achieving cyber resilience and complying with the national cyber authority requirements
  • Reduce overall security spending using 100% rail-focused multi function security suite
Defending a CBTC Signaling System with CylusOne

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