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Preparing the Workforce of Tomorrow

APTA's Transit Workforce Readiness Guide is the perfect resource to help transit industry executives and the industry as a whole to better market transit as a career.

APTA's Transit Workforce Readiness Guide offers details and examples of a five-step approach to help you create an outreach program for high school students.

These include:

  • Identify needs and opportunities
  • Form outreach partnerships
  • Develop and implement programs
  • Close the loop with entry-level jobs
  • Evaluate hiring, onboarding and retention practices

In addition, the Guide:

+ Showcases 35 case studies whose programs and resources target high school students, especially those coming from underserved communities.

+ Includes access to over 150 sample materials addressing: industry awareness and education; apprenticeships and internships; entry-level jobs, recruitment, and training.

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