White Paper

Beyond Transporting People: Transit Electrification Saves Lives

With the transportation sector producing the largest amount of greenhouse gas emissions, transit agencies can look to electrification to raise air quality.

Our annual white paper includes unique insights into the cost of fueling electric vehicle fleets. This year we use our Dollar Per Gallon Equivalent (DPGe) analysis to compare managed charging, unmanaged charging, and fossil fuel costs across major U.S. cities.

Leveraging data from the American Lung Association, our 2021 white paper quantifies the positive health impacts of a national transition to EVs by 2050.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • EV-related air quality benefits that minimize health impacts and related medical expenses
  • Examples of GHG emissions avoided per vehicle from utility provider power mix data
  • How monetizing low carbon fuel credit programs can increase revenues for electric fleets
  • Examples of new utility subscription rate plans and how they impact time-of-use charts

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