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All Conduits Are Not Created Equal

Discover the compelling advantages of high-performance polyamide systems and what it means for cable protection technology.

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For the past several decades, most industries within the North American market have been dominated using PVC jacketed metallic conduits (known as Liquid Tight) as a standard for a wide array of cable protection applications. However, Polyamide cable protection technologies are gaining acceptance and by far outperform PVC jacketed metallic conduits and fittings in all aspects.

Conversely, the European market has not used PVC jacketed metallic conduits since the 1980’s. The most compelling advantages of this high-performance polyamide system are the dramatically reduced assembly times, high impact resistance and flexibility associated with the polyamide conduits, fittings and associated accessory products.

In this insightful whitepaper you'll learn why North American transit agencies are turning to this revolutionary new cable protection technology to improve conduit longevity and save significant time & money on assembly.

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