Established in Galway, Ireland in 2016, CitySwift is a cloud-native, specialist data engine for modern bus networks. The CitySwift platform augments and seamlessly integrates with existing bus technology systems, providing a deeper understanding of network performance and enhanced network planning with significantly reduced timescales. It uses big data, AI and machine learning technologies to deliver key insights and optimizations through customizable management dashboards which deliver on-time performance and increased passenger satisfaction. Three proprietary modules drive the CitySwift engine: SwiftMetrics, SwiftSchedule and SwiftConnect. SwiftMetrics delivers bus network analysis at scale; SwiftSchedule rapidly generates optimized bus timetables; and SwiftConnect enables the sharing of accurate bus capacity predictions on a stop-by-stop basis, helping passengers make the right journey choices. Through data, CitySwift is optimizing mass transit routes for a greener future, helping networks become more efficient and sustainable. A one minute bus journey time reduction leads to a 1.3% average increase in rider demand. This has the potential to accelerate the shift back from private car journeys to bus networks, allowing cities to become less congested and more environmentally-friendly.

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