AerosUSA is a leading wire and cable protection supplier for multiple industries. We partner only with global manufacturers that demonstrate product quality and performance. As a result, our customers receive dependable conduits and wire protection for a variety of applications. Through cutting-edge innovation, our supplier network helps you meet your industry’s ever-changing needs. We engineer our products to withstand demanding environments in industrial applications. As the exclusive U.S. representative of Flexa GmbH, we offer some of the world’s leading cable protection conduits. We are also the exclusive U.S. representative of Detas SpA and the largest U.S. distributor for AGRO AG. Together with our global partners, we offer dependable solutions for industrial wire protection.

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  • Friday, April 2, 2021 AerosUSA

    For the past several decades, the transit industry has relied on PVC jacketed metallic conduits for cable protection applications. However, Polyamide cable protection technologies are outperforming PVC conduits in all aspects. Here's why.